800 Bottles Corner Wine Rack Set

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800 Bottles Cellar Corner Cellar Set from Wine Rack Store

Divide and display your collection of beautiful  Premium New Zealand Pine Wood modular wine racks.

Designing your own wine room? This is the perfect combination for your needs!

This collection will allow you to customise your wine room as you wish, as they can be arranged to suit your needs. 

All racks pictured here are made from natural pine wood, which is available in 3 wooden finishes, including: Natural Pine, Rich Black and Brown.

Our Rich Black and Brown Wine Racks have been triple coated in oil paint for a classic look that will last. 

In total, this set will hold up to 800 bottles.  

Choose the combination you need:

Wine Rack Set Includes:

  • 6   x Cube Module Wine Rack 
  • 10 x 30 Bottles Cube Wine Rack or Wood Shelf Wine Rack  
  • 12 x X - Module Cube 

Once constructed, total wine rack dimensions:  

L2700mm x L2100mm x H2400mm x W300mm

You can choose any wine rack model from our store.

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    800 Bottles Corner Wine Rack Set: The Perfect Addition to Your Home Bar

    Are you a wine enthusiast looking for the perfect way to display and store your growing collection? Look no further than our 800 Bottles Corner Wine Rack Set. This set is not only functional but also adds an elegant touch to any home bar or kitchen.

    Key Features

    Stylish Design

    The sleek and modern design of the 800 Bottles Corner Wine Rack Set will make it a standout piece in any room. The geometric shape allows for easy corner placement, maximising space efficiency while still holding an impressive amount of bottles. Made from high-quality metal, this wine rack set is both sturdy and stylish.

    Customisable Options

    With the ability to hold up to 800 bottles, this wine rack set offers plenty of storage options for even the most avid collectors. The modular design also allows for customisation to fit your specific needs and space constraints. Whether you want to showcase your entire collection or just a selection of your favorite bottles, this set has you covered.

    Durable and Functional

    Not only does this wine rack set look great, but it is also built to last. Made from durable metal, it can withstand the weight of hundreds of bottles without compromising its structure. The angled shelves also make it easy to access and organise your collection for quick selection.

    Perfect for Entertaining

    This wine rack set is not only great for storage but also adds a touch of sophistication to any gathering or party. With the ability to hold such a large number of bottles, you can be sure that your guests will be impressed and have plenty of options to choose from.

    Where to Install Corner Wine Rack Sets?

    An 800-bottle corner wine rack is a substantial storage solution for wine enthusiasts and professionals, offering a multitude of uses and benefits. Here are some common uses for such a large capacity wine rack:

    Home Wine Cellar: Transform a dedicated room or corner of your home into a wine cellar. An 800-bottle corner wine rack can serve as the centerpiece of your wine storage, providing ample space to organise and display your wine collection beautifully.

    Wine Collection Storage: For serious wine collectors, an 800-bottle rack offers the space needed to store and age a significant number of bottles. This is particularly valuable for those who enjoy collecting wines from various regions, vintages, or styles.

    Wine Bar or Tasting Room: Create a wine bar or tasting room in your home, restaurant, or wine shop. An 800-bottle corner rack can be the focal point, making it easy to access and showcase a diverse selection of wines for your guests to enjoy.

    Restaurant or Wine Shop Display: In a commercial setting, such as a restaurant or wine shop, a large-capacity wine rack allows you to display an extensive wine list to attract and serve a wide range of customers. It also adds a professional and aesthetically pleasing element to the establishment.

    Event Hosting: If you frequently host wine-tasting events, parties, or gatherings, an 800-bottle corner wine rack can be a functional and decorative way to store and present a variety of wines for your guests to sample and enjoy.

    Wine Retail Display: Wine retailers, particularly those offering a diverse selection, can use an 800-bottle rack to display a wide range of wines, making it easier for customers to browse and select their preferred bottles.

    Don't settle for a plain and boring wine rack when you can have the 800 Bottles Corner Wine Rack Set as a stylish and functional addition to your home bar. With its customisable options, easy assembly, durability, and perfect entertaining capabilities, it's the perfect choice for any wine lover.

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