Do you have a growing wine collection in your home with little room left in the cupboards for your fine vintages? If your passion for wine has turned into a burgeoning collection, it may be time to consider investing in a quality wine rack for your home.

Some homes with basements can have wonderful wine cellars with controlled temperature and moisture conditions, but all homes can benefit from a wine rack (or more). When choosing amongst the many different types of wine racks available on the market today, keep an eye out for the following:

Available Space in Your Home

First and foremost, you’ll need to take some dimensions of the room where you want to place your wine rack. The room should be able to be darkened and be reasonably free of humidity, but there also aesthetic and practical reasons to want to place it in an easily accessible room, too.

Measure the floor area and height of the room and try to visualise a wine rack in the room. Visit Wine Rack Store to see a wide selection of wine racks and incorporate their dimensions into your calculations of whether or not it can fit in the room.

Bottle Capacity

Not all bottle racks are full-sized wall racks for dozens upon dozens of bottles; some are small and meant for countertops, perhaps to hold 4-6 bottles of wine for when you have guests over.

Ask yourself how much wine you intend to store and, for good measure, consider purchasing a wine rack with 10-30% more storage than you think you’ll need as this can help you store any extra Christmas or birthday gifts you may receive.

Choose a Style and Design that Blends Well With Your Room’s Aesthetics

Similarly, not all wine racks are the same in style and design. Some are shaped like X module boxes, some as freestanding mini racks for your countertop, some are slanted for display purposes, still others hold bottles horizontally like you may typically see in fancy restaurants and pubs.

Moreover, some wine racks are designed to be placed up against a wall whilst others are ideal for corners of a room. There are so many styles and designs to choose from so browse the Wine Rack Store catalogue for ideas of wine racks that may be suitable for your room’s configuration and aesthetics.

For luxury wine storage, browse Wine Rack Store’s exclusive wall and wine rack collection now available in beautiful Burnt Pine wood and American Rose Oak. This limited collection is best suited for anyone interested in a more unique aesthetic.

Consider Wine Rack Materials

On the matter of aesthetics, another important consideration for your wine rack is the type of materials used in its construction. Some wine racks are made of ordinary pine, others are made of Premium New Zealand Pine, still others are made of solid oak. Wood tends to be the most classic and timeless material, but the wood can be painted and treated in a wide variety of colours to complement the aesthetics of the room.

Rustic wooden accents and mahogany tend to look great for most wine racks, but browse our selection of wine racks and choose the most appropriate colour for your preferences.

Buy Within Your Budget

Buying a wine bottle rack shouldn’t cost a fortune; after all, you should be investing your hard-earned money in quality vintages to fill up that rack! Not to worry, the wine racks at Wine Rack Store are competitively priced without sacrificing on quality of manufacture.

Wine Rack Store

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February 28, 2024 — Deepak V