Wall-mounted wine racks are extremely popular for homes with or without dedicated wine cellars as well as restaurants and other establishments where you want to showcase your wine collection. There are many different types of wine wall racks to choose from, so it’s worth shopping around to find just the right product for your needs.

Showcase your wine collection with these top four wine wall racks and pegs from Wine Rack Store.

01. One Bottle Wine Pegs

Elevate the elegance of your wine collection with our One Bottle Wine Pegs. These sturdy wall-mounted wine pegs are endlessly versatile and can be used to store a single lonely bottle in a prominent location or purchased in larger quantities to create unique and stunning wine bottle displays.

Each of these wine pegs can support a single wine bottle, held steadily in place with rubber inserts lining the centre. Drill into a sturdy wall to affix the wine pegs wherever you desire. Finishes include silver, matte black, rose gold, and gold.

02. One Deep Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Need to store a larger wine collection along your wall without having to fit multiple pegs or smaller wall mounts? Our One Deep Wall Mounted Wine Rack allows for up to either 9 or 12 bottles to be displayed with simplicity and ease.

This wine rack is long vertically with clean sides, meaning that you can arrange these from side to side to display even more bottles of wine for your home or restaurant. They can also be used to fit smaller gaps due to their 14-19 cm width. This product is available in a black metal finish.

03. 12 Bottles Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Much like the previous wine rack, our 12 Bottles Wall Mounted Wine Rack is a great addition to your home or restaurant wine cellar. Similarly, this slim 24cm wine rack can be arrayed side by side to display 24, 36, or 48 bottles or more with ease.

Unlike the previous wine rack which uses metal pegs to hold wine bottles, this product uses rectangular pockets. This means that you can display both 750 mL and 1.5L wine bottles with ease. Available in deep black metal or gold finish.

04. Creative Display Wine Bottle Rack

If space is not a major constraint, then you can achieve a brilliant effect in your home or restaurant with our Creative Display Wine Bottle Rack. This large, creatively designed wine rack can hold up to 10 wine bottles in a staggered, aesthetically pleasing configuration.

Please note that this product is 60cm wide and leans more towards form than function. For maximising storage space, consider a standard slim wine rack product such as the previous two.

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May 14, 2024 — Deepak V