Impress your guests for your next dinner party with a stylish wine rack in your very own kitchen. There are many ways to showcase your wine collection, but many of them, like using a cellar, require quite a bit of space. Small, display wine racks are a great alternative to showcase your vintages or a more limited collection of your favourites. Since you can easily display these in your kitchen, that also means they’re closer to the dinner table to share another glass of your favourite wine with guests at a moment’s notice.

Below are five fantastic mini wine racks that you can place in your kitchen:

01. 7 Bottles Burnt Pine Display Wine Rack: Exclusive Collection

For a stylish, practical display wine rack, look no further than our 7 Bottles Burnt Pine Display Wine Rack. This exclusive collection made of a colourful and nicely textured burnt pine (also available in a nice natural pine finish) adds a touch of elegance to your wine collection. This mini wine rack can store up to 7 bottles of your favourite wines, which is certainly enough to enjoy quite a few pleasant moments with good company.

02. Diamond Cube 30 Bottles Wine Rack

For slightly larger kitchens where space allows, our Diamond Cube 30 Bottles Wine Rack is sure to make an impression. This large diamond cube-shaped wine rack is somewhat similar to a much larger cellar wine rack but obviously not as large, making it a great wine rack to place along a wall.

With a storage capacity of 30 bottles and made of premium quality New Zealand pine, this wine rack is large enough to work as a full wine storage rack for novice and budding wine collectors with smaller collections.

03. Cube Module Wine Rack

For a more minimalist aesthetic that still exudes refined style, our Cube Module Wine Rack is a great addition to just about any kitchen. Made of natural pine and solid oak and featuring a triple coating of oil-glossed finish, this wine rack is ideal for holding boxed wine, wine bottles, glasses, or even a few house plants if you so desire.

This wine rack is available in four different finishes, including natural pine, rich black, mahogany brown, and solid oak.

04. X Cube Wine Rack

They say (pirates, of course) that X marks the spot, and in this case our X Cube Wine Rack marks the spot where you’ll find a treasure trove of your best wines for when guests come over. This X-shaped cube wine rack can store up to 40 bottles with ease thanks to its sturdy frame made of natural pine and solid oak.

Like the previous wine rack, this product is also available in the same four finishes.

05. Solid Oak Display Wine Rack

When it comes to wine racks, materials are amongst the most important considerations. Few wood species have the everlasting allure and aesthetics of solid oak, much like our Solid Oak Display Wine Rack. This display wine rack is similar in frame to our first entry, and can store from 7-14 bottles of wine depending on your choice of size (one rack vs two). Much like a bookcase, you can clearly display your best vintages and reach for them whenever the mood strikes you.

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March 13, 2024 — Deepak V